Recommendations for Requesting Microloans in Financial Credit Institutions


One of the most frequent profiles of people requesting mini-loans from financial institutions is one that is included in a list of defaulters such as Financial Credit Institutions or RAI , that is, a profile with risk of returning the requested credit in a timely manner.

Many companies refuse this type of consumer to grant a loan but luckily there are some that do accept them as a client , after having carefully examined their request, since unfortunately there are many who for one reason or another have been included in this type of listing , and not for that reason we are bad payers. Typical case is that fed up with some telephone company in a moment of rapture you give them back some bill because their service is terrible and you are reluctant to call them and you do not get anything. And in retaliation the company includes you in some list of defaulters.

As a general rule, the tax rate applied by this type of company to the people who have the label of appearing in Financial Credit Institutions is higher than that applied to a normal consumer, but they have no other way or possibility to get the urgent money they need. to save some unforeseen event, even knowing that the loan will be a little more expensive.

Not all companies accept the applications of people listed as delinquent in Financial Credit Institutions, hence we have created a list of companies that do study and grant loans even if your name is registered to review it enters into fast loans with Financial Credit Institutions online

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Before taking the step of requesting the money urgently ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you really have no other way to get the money you need? Can not you postpone paying the debt until you save the necessary money?
  • For the profile that you have for the companies of being a client with risk of not returning the money, the tax rate that you apply will be different to the one applied to the client that is not in Financial Credit Institutions.
  • Before applying, compare the different offers on the market and choose the one that is most favorable to you, pay attention to circumstances such as the repayment period, if they allow extensions and what kind of guarantees they require to grant it.
  • Use the virtual calculators that all companies have in the application forms, so you can know in advance the cost of the operation and if arrival the return date you can do it in front.
  • Do not waste time requesting a microloan to those companies that make clear in their requirements that they do not accept customers registered with Financial Credit Institutions or RAI
  • The most sensible thing is to make an act of responsibility and not hire a loan of this type, more if possible, and you appear as a debtor in some registry, because of not being able to return, your financial and economic situation would worsen.

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