Financial payday loan consolidation -Contact us if you need to combine payday loans

Contact us if you need to combine payday loans

The payday loan consolidation is a loan that allows you to consolidate all current loans into one that “contains” them all.

The practical example is this: if we have contracted three loans (one for the car, one for a trip, one to have liquidity), we merge them into a single one whose installment, however, is less than the sum of the three.

You can use the Consolidation Loan calculation tool with the loan data you wish to consolidate.

Some financial institutions offer specific loans for consolidation, while for others there is no dedicated product but a common personal loan will be used:

– Harrison debt consolidation loan: you can choose between a personal loan with a salary-backed loan (eg Harrison Cessione del Quinto for public employees ) or a signature loan; if the word “consolidation” cannot be found among the available funding, you can request a loan for other projects.

– Compass consolidation loan: here is the Compass Unica product, for amounts up to 30,000 euros

– Money consolidation loan: the institute offers Money credit express Compact, the single installment for all your loans, up to 50,000 euros and without necessarily making the fifth assignment.

– Agos consolidation loan: the financial offers a good product, especially in terms oftaeg, with a 6.37% for 10,000 euros in 84 months, a rate below the average of the quarter in which we are writing.

– Intesa Sanpaolo Consolidation Loan: referred to as the Monorata Service it has its strength in the maximum amount payable, equal to 75,000 euros.

If the total amount of the loans to be merged is very high, the debt consolidation loan can also be used, with durations even up to thirty years and, consequently, lower installments and greater capital.

Characteristics of the Loan for debt consolidation

The bundling of the installments into one involves two advantages: one linked to the payment of the installments themselves from an administrative point of view. No longer so many postal bills (and related expenses) but a single one. The other is the reduction of the total installment, due to the possibility of obtaining better rates than those of the original loans and, above all, lengthening the life of the new loan compared to that of the merged individuals.

The supply, if requested by the customer, may exceed the amount of pre-existing loans, guaranteeing new liquidity. The loan market of this type is in continuous movement. At the time of writing, the maximum amounts disbursed are around 60,000 euros in total (extinction of other loans and additional liquidity).

The guaranteed debt consolidation loan applications are quite similar to those of other loans (probably those provided for the original loans will be sufficient). Some financial institutions also provide loans against salary-backed loans, a solution that helps those who, for various reasons, have a bad payer status.

Who can apply for the Debt Consolidation Loan

The fundamental element to be able to request this type of loan and the existence of other debts with other financial institutions. If you are exposed and the possibility remains to prove that you can pay then you can proceed with the loan request. The documents to be produced are:

– personal data, personal document and tax code

– income, ie a copy of the last pay slip or pension slip. If you are a self-employed copy of the last Unico model presented.

– documentation concerning the loans to be replaced with the request.

Additional guarantees may be required, such as the involvement of co-armored with demonstrable income.

A separate discussion must be made for bad payers: if the loans in progress, to be unified in the new, have some suffering, then the financial companies are reluctant to consolidate unless resorting to a Cession of the fifth.

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